The Dodge Grand Caravan is a fabulous option if you are looking for a passenger van with an extensive amount of flexible space! At Sternberg Automotive Group, we love to show off all of the room for cargo and passengers that the Grand Caravan offers.

If you choose a Dodge Grand Caravan with stow 'n go seats, then you see the benefits when you load cargo, and all of the seats lay flat. You can also fold some seats and keep others upright for a few passengers.

The Grand Caravan storage is extensive and features areas for you and your passengers to store small items and cupholders. There is also storage in the rear of this passenger van for groceries, backpacks, or sporting equipment! If you have younger passengers, they may enjoy a movie if you take them on a Grand Caravan road trip. Pop in a DVD and have them get comfortable while a film plays overhead.


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