At Sternberg Automotive Group, our expert team knows that design can have a big impact on how you feel when you get behind the wheel. For that reason, we're excited to add the Chevrolet Cruze to our lineup. With its intelligent design, this popular compact car is an instant upgrade for your daily commute or an extended road trip.

From the moment you climb into the Cruze, you'll be surrounded by sleek, sophisticated design. The contoured dashboard looks beautiful and enables you to keep an eye on all of the car's systems at a glance. Then, there are the options — opt for the available heated seats for a warmer morning drive, or choose the ambient lighting to set a soothing tone.

Looking for a sporty vehicle? The Cruze's RS Package has you covered. With its black accents and streamlined spoiler, this package makes a bold statement as you drive through town. See the difference it makes by dropping by to visit us for a test drive.


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