No-nonsense towing, power and handling make the Ram 3500 a popular heavy-duty pickup among consumers and the many Ram enthusiasts on our Sternberg Automotive Group team. This truck is as rugged as it is gorgeous inside and out, with a class-leading interior that calls luxury vehicles to mind.

Lean Back for the Ride

The Ram 3500's interior is so roomy, it doesn't even look like the inside of a pickup. A class-exclusive reclining rear seat leans back at least 15 degrees for passenger comfort during long road trips or city excursions. There's a whopping 43 inches of leg room, plus 8 inches of storage behind the rear seats.

Whisper-Quiet Despite Its Bulk

Ram 3500 is as heavy-duty as it gets, but the in-cabin sound of it is peaceful enough to hear your own heartbeat. What's the secret? An interior ANC system combined with frame-mounted, active-tuned mass modules that are electronically controlled cancel out cabin vibrations, resulting in homelike quiet.

Come on down to our dealership today, and hear how quietly and smoothly the Ram 3500 rides with a test drive.



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