If you use a Ram 1500 as a towing vehicle, you'll have access to a convenient hybrid system. This hardware will boost the 1500's engine performance each time it pulls a heavy load.

The Ram's hybrid system is called eTorque. It's a replacement for a standard alternator on a basic engine. This system provides battery power to the engine, and it functions like a generator. Because eTorque is a belt-driven electrical system, it can consistently enhance the Ram 1500's towing capabilities throughout long hauling routines.

Every Ram 1500 also has supporting technologies for towing jobs. For example, whenever you need help guiding the wheels along narrow paths, you can take advantage of software that's available in the cabin. This console displays lines that provide guidance according to the conditions in an environment. If you stop by Sternberg Automotive Group, you'll have an opportunity to examine this console and other standard technologies. You could also take a Ram 1500 out for a test drive.



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