The Dodge Challenger is a Stylish and Powerful Muscle Car

The Dodge Challenger has been known to be a powerful, stylish, and versatile muscle car for many years now. You can find these cars for lease and purchase at Sternberg Automotive Group.

One of the highlights of the Dodge Challenger is the ability to customize it through a choice of five different package options. One of the package options available is the Dodge Challenger Blacktop Package. This package will give your car that unique top striped look along with 20-inch glossy black wheels. A black rear spoiler, black grille, and a black fuel filler door are also found in the Dodge Challenger Blacktop Package Option.

If you more horsepower, then consider getting the Dodge Challenger Shaker Package. This package will give even more horsepower than standard models thanks to its car hood shaker. The hood shaker lets cool air travel directly to the engine. This results in increased power.



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