Chevrolet Trax: The Little SUV that Performs

The Trax remains popular among people who desire the options that SUVs provide. But, they do not need a large vehicle. The 2019 models feature some upgrades that ensure the vehicles perform even better. Stop by our Sternberg Automotive Group facility and take a Trax for a road test.

Trax is the ideal choice among people who prefer hefty fuel ratings over power. The 1.4-liter engine delivers up to 138 horsepower. But the engine combined with a six-speed automatic transmission provides up to 25 mpg while in the city and 31 mpg out on the open road.

The engine, transmission and all-wheel-drive capabilities ensure that the compact SUV provides fantastic handling ability. Whether driving on a straight road or traveling along extreme curves, the Trax maneuvers well thanks to its smaller turning radius. The all-wheel-drive also provides great traction in order to make the vehicle easy to handle regardless of road conditions.



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