Upcoming Local Auto Shows

There are many reasons why people go to auto shows. Some do it for fun, some seek information regarding new models and trends in the automotive industry, and some are there for the car reveals of next year. Just as essential as fashion shows are to the fashion industry, auto shows function in the same way, as they showcase a company’s latest product to the public. Not only does it display current products, it often provides companies the chance to reveal the car model they’re currently developing.

Shows are significant to companies as well as customers. It gives customers an idea about the overall look of the model as compared to photos on the internet. For example, seeing an SUV in person gives customers insight into how large it is. You could easily compare several products and have the liberty of assessing the perfect vehicle for you and your family. In the case of massive automotive companies, these shows are an ideal way of displaying their highly anticipated series. Also, if some models are still incomplete and are not available on the market, show attendance might help you purchase the moment they are released for the public to buy.


There are local shows available for you to access quickly. It’s a lot of fun to join these auto shows since you can bring your family and friends along who share the same interest in cars that you do. Let us enumerate the several auto shows that will be conducted October 2018 and forward that are local to the Kentuckiana area:


Last Time Out of the Garage Car Show 2018


The Last Time Out of the Garage Car Show is a charitable show in which the registration fee they collect is donated to the Kentucky-Indiana Chapter of Paralyzed Veterans in America.

        The auto show will be held in Clarksville, Indiana in the lot behind the Bass Pro Shop. The street address is 951 East Lewis and Clark Parkway, Clarksville, Indiana.

        Registration will start at 10 a.m. all runs until noon.

        Judging of displayed vehicles will be sometime after registration.

        The organizers will distribute prizes around 3 p.m.


Louisville Auto Show


The Louisville Auto Show will display many high-quality vehicles, making it one of the most highly anticipated auto shows in Kentucky. You can purchase tickets online for a lower price, as well as a test drive registration that allows you to test drive some of the vehicles on display. The auto show is going to be held at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, Kentucky.

        It’s a three-day event from February 22 to24, 2019.

        You can register for a test drive on the displayed vehicles.

        The online ticket price for adults is only $7.00, while on-site ticket pricing is only $10.00.

        Children ages 14 and below are free of charge.


Cars and Coffee


The Cars and Coffee auto show is presented by Grundy Insurance and is conducted at the end of every month in Indianapolis, Indiana. With free admission and various food stalls you can enjoy while looking around the latest car models, it has become a popular event in the region.

        The date of the show is October 27, 2018, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

        Located at 4400 West 96th Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46268.

        The auto show is free of charge.

        There are various food stalls accompanying the cutting-edge vehicles.


Auto shows are great to visit if you’re an avid follower of car news. Have fun at the auto show and may you surround yourself with your passion!

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