Biggest Automotive Trends for 2019

It has been a roller coaster ride for the automotive industry so far this year. We have seen exciting releases from powerhouse automotive companies, including their trademark models with stunning new futuristic features. Even with numerous features incorporated within new products, it’s not always rainbows and sunshine when it comes to the automotive industry, as a slump in sales heavily impacts all companies involved. There is more focus on developing electric cars, making us lose interest in improving the machinery we currently have, and separating the entire sector into two schools of thought.

What are the trends to expect and follow for 2019? Let us further examine the patterns to look for when it comes to the industry. Being informed on the upcoming features within the new models can help you decide if you purchase a car right now or wait for newer products to come out.

More Freedom

You might think that self-driving vehicles are now out of fashion. You better think twice because those bad boys are still on the road and are not losing the interests of developers or the government. Even if there are accidents and flaws regarding this specific design, it’s still rolling down the highways, now with government backing. Congress approved a bill that fully supports the creation and development of self-driving vehicles. Large automotive companies answered back with their undivided attention on self-driving technology. Companies such as Ford, Honda, Chevy, NVIDIA, and many more are focusing their attention on this development, and we might see the fruits of their labor soon.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) Systems

You might be familiar with AI since it is present in our smartphones. AI systems such as Siri, Cortana, and others are slowly creeping their way into the automotive industry. It might be scary to hear that AI is slowly creeping into every aspect of our lives, but you can’t deny the convenience it provides. Any major car company has partnerships with companies such as Apple, Google, and Microsoft to integrate their AI systems into new models.

Shifting Electrical Systems

It has been the subject of rumors for a very long time. Perhaps it’s due to the difficulty of the task, or that companies are finding it hard to change after being used to the same thing for many years. The 12-volt electrical system is finally getting replaced by a 48-volt system, saving us from the hassle of continually improving our batteries or being careful using the electricity in our car. It’s a massive improvement for producers and consumers alike, since both need a large amount of power to operate their electricity-deficient devices. It uses a thinner and lighter-weight wiring harness.

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There are still tons of futuristic features we can look for in the future. Perhaps the time for flying cars is almost here! But for now, let’s settle for the small changes and start saving up to get your hands on the latest models. After all, new means more.

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