Top Tips for Maintaining Your Vehicle This Winter

As the colder months creep in, it’s time to think about maintaining your car this winter to keep it in top shape. Your vehicle can be affected by the colder months in more ways than you think. From tire pressure to spark plug reliability, Mother Nature’s frosted hand can wreak havoc on your beloved vehicle. Fear not, we’ve got some of the top tips for keeping your vehicle reliable and safe throughout this winter season. 


Your car’s battery is essential for functionality, and in the winter months, the battery is under extra stress from the cold weather. Having the battery tested before the cold months will determine its strength and will determine if you need to replace it before winter. A typical battery has a lifespan of about 5-7 years and is most comfortable between 30 and 90 F, so anything on the lower end is cause for concern when going to start your vehicle.


Antifreeze or coolant is a critical component for maintaining your vehicle during the winter months, and it’s crucial to keep them at the recommended levels. Fluids thicken in the colder months, making it harder for the antifreeze to flow quickly as needed in the engine. Always check for leaks in hoses and the heater to ensure that the coolant is functioning correctly.


All-weather and winter tires are essential for harsh colder climates. A quick way to determine that your winter tires are still in top shape is to use the penny test to ensure that your car stays on the road. You can do this by holding a penny with Abe Lincoln’s head pointing down toward the tread. If you can see his full head, it’s time to replace the tires. Also, maintain the tire pressure throughout the season by checking it with a pressure gauge or using an app that monitors your tire’s pressure.

These tips can keep you safe on the road this winter and avoiding costly headaches that come with the colder months. 
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