Car Trends That Need To Disappear In 2019

We all follow trends every day, almost dictating our every decision. The way we dress, the food we eat, our lifestyle, and even automobiles. Just like any other trend, automotive trends come and go. However, some trends just do not deserve to be continued, especially now that we have finally reached the end of 2018.

This article talks about the trends that became famous in an infamous way. We mean those trends that do not deserve to be repeated again next year because they are outdated or were just plain bad.

Car Trends We Need To Leave Behind!

With much advancement in technology, it is pretty normal to see improvements and new technology in the automotive industry. That is why car trends come and go every year. Here are some of the infamous car trends that we should really leave behind in 2018 for all the right reasons.

1. Lacking Color

A car sporting a minimalist design is one thing, blandness is another. Up until the late 1980s or so, cars with bright and bold colors like red, blue, and purple were pretty common. But now, car designers have begun sporting a ‘minimalist’ style by using only silvers, whites, tans, and black. It does look more sophisticated in some way, but it also looks a bit boring in terms of design. Even car experts believe this.

2. Glowing Badges

We all love to show our car’s brand. But up to the point of making it glow? That just looks like too much for a car. Expressive design should work for itself. If your car’s brand is really good and you want other people to notice, then you do not need to blind everyone else on a dark night with its glow.

3. Fake Parts

Fake vents, fake exhaust tips, you name it! This year, we have seen a rather confusing trend of including fake parts on a car. On an unpretentious vehicle it may look nice, but for a high-end vehicle? It’s just overwhelming to look at. It looks really unnecessary and is a bit tacky. When a car has a lot to show off, it does not need to overstuff itself with unnecessary features just to get noticed.

4. Cars Styled ‘Emotionally’

If you are an avid car lover and shopper, then you might have heard this once from your local car salesperson. What does that even mean? How do you style your car ‘emotionally’? It’s really annoying and creepy to find out that your car is styled based upon a certain emotion of the designer.

5. Software Competition

With so many advancements, competition is expected to arise between Microsoft and Apple, especially now that you can integrate your smartphone into your car. Although there’s nothing entirely wrong with this trend, it would be pretty nice to see both companies work on a simple and easy update for this.

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