Are Your Car's Tires Ready to Be Replaced?

Ordinary driving results in a lot of wear and tear on your tires. Some of the things that you are or are not doing also impact the lifespan of your tires. Under-inflating or over-inflating your tires cases uneven wear and excessive wear on the tire's center, which could shorten their lifespan.

Do you get your car's tires rotated every 10,000 miles or at the schedule recommended by the manufacturer? If not, they could have uneven wear because of where they are placed on the vehicle. You can measure tire tread by inserting a penny and seeing if Lincoln's head is covered.

Come visit us at Sternberg Automotive Group for a tire inspection. We'll let you know if your tire treads are too worn or if your tires have uneven wear. Our dealerships offer same-day service for tire replacements.

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