The Pressure Matters

Tire pressure is a vehicle problem that many drivers can easily ignore. If a tire goes a little soft, it is usually not a cause for alarm. A short stop and some extra air can solve it. However, when the pressure light comes on again in a day or two than the matter requires some more attention.

Tire pressure is essential to proper vehicle functioning. Drivers know that their tires are important in the wide range of road conditions and weather that they typically encounter. Further, tire pressure affects gas mileage too. Low tire pressure can cause a waste of fuel.

At Sternberg Automotive Group, we offer tire care and maintenance services, and checking tire pressure is an important part of the program. When tires can no longer maintain pressure or when low pressure causes excessive wear, we can offer high-quality replacement tires. Please call for an appointment or just drop by; safe tires require professional care.
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