The All-New Ram 1500 Safety Features

When safety features top your list for a reason to buy a new vehicle, stop by Sternberg Automotive Group to see the new Ram 1500 and discover why it's this years' popular light-duty pickup truck.

One of the unique features that come in the Ram 1500 is the Blind Spot Information System. Utilizing radar technology, rear sensors will scan behind your vehicle for another car that could be moving into your blind spot areas, and will alert you by flashing your side mirror on the corresponding side before you accidentally shift lanes.

All you need to do is to shift the Ram 1500 into reverse, then the rear-view camera system becomes activated and gives you a clear view of everything taking place behind the vehicle. No longer will you have to be concerned about a small child, a pet, or a parked car, in your path as you drive in reverse because you'll see it all now.



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