The 2018 Ford Explorer and Your Smartphone Make a Great Team


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When you shop for a vehicle, you will typically look for one that is going to make everything that you do a little more convenient. You look for a vehicle that will be easy to use and that will help to make your life a simpler in big ways. When you take advantage of the ways that the 2018 Ford Explorer can work with your smartphone, you can simplify your life with your SUV in ways you never thought possible.

The 2018 Ford Explorer allows you to use an app to get into your vehicle. If you do not have your keys with you, you can use an app on your phone to unlock the doors of your vehicle. The app that you have on your phone also allows you to find your vehicle when you do not remember where you parked, among much more that we cannot dive into in this short blog post.

As you can tell, the 2018 Ford Explorer and your smartphone will make a great team. Stop by Sternberg Automotive Group to learn more about how the two can work together.

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