2 Reasons to Choose a Minivan Instead of a Truck

Family-friendly minivans and rugged pickup trucks may conjure a very different image, but at the core both are vehicles designed for hauling. In the van's case, that's usually people, and in the pickup's case, it's cargo—but things don't always fall along such a clear line.

Many drivers use trucks as their family vehicle, and want utility out of a minivan. How does the Ram 1500 stack up against the Chrysler Pacifica in several common uses?

The Pacifica wins hands-down when it comes to accommodating passengers, seating up to eight, while most Ram trucks max out at five.

For hauling cargo, the Ram 1500 doesn't have quite as much advantage as you might expect. The Pacifica's cargo area is designed to fit 4-by-8-foot sheets of plywood, which could only fit in the long bed configuration of the truck, at the expense of passenger space. Plus, the van keeps your stuff dry.

The truck has far more utility in situations that require power, however. It can tow more, offers four-wheel drive, and comes with a selection of far more powerful engines.

If you need to alternate between driving around your kids, and picking up home improvement supplies, the Pacifica minivan is probably the way to go. If you need to tow a trailer or go off-road, the Ram 1500 is the clear winner.

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