Cleaning Tips to Show Your Car Your Love


At Sternberg Automotive Group we know how much you love your car. But, does your car know how much you care? Show your vehicle the love it deserves with a thorough cleaning.

Here are our top three interior cleaning tips, with help from our friends at Ford:

  1. Dust-free. Keep your car shiny and new with an unsung cleaning hero - the unassuming coffee filter. They're lint-free (who wants lint in their coffee?) so you know they won't leave behind flecks of lint when you use them to dust your dash.
  2. Dust the vents. What about those tiny, hard-to-reach slots of your air conditioner and heating vents? Try a cheap paint brush or foam paint brush from your neighborhood hardware store. They'll make getting in the nooks and crannies a little easier.
  3. Remove scuff marks from leather and vinyl upholstery. You already know the magic eraser from your grocery store's cleaning supplies aisle works great on your walls, so why not try it on those pesky marks on your upholstery. We promise it'll work like "magic."

Take good care of your car inside and out, and take it for regular maintenance here at Sternberg Automotive Group and see your vehicle last a long, long time.

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