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A Courteous Driver is a Safe Driver

Sometimes the best learning experiences are from bad experiences in life. That experience can correlate to driving. Someone’s bad driving can actually make you a better driver.

When other drivers are following too close, instead of braking to get their immediate attention, choose to move over and let them pass. This is a driver that you will never know, so don’t allow yourself to become offended by their actions.

If you come across a road construction site and all the lanes are closing into one lane, be courteous and let a driver cut in front of you. Not…
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MotorWeek Spends Quality Time with 2017 Ford Explorer

Here at Sternberg Automotive Group, we have half a mind to declare the 2017 Ford Explorer the most spectacular full-size SUV across the entire industry.

However, in the interest of fairness, we feel the better approach is to allow you to arrive at that conclusion on your own.

And, now, here to help you do just that are the car critics over at MotorWeek. Join them for their review of the Explorer in the clip below:

Terrifically appointed from tip to tail, the Base trim promises to provide some big-time bang for your buck.

Standard features on this model include…

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What Sets the 2017 Ford Fusion Hybrid Apart from Other Family Four-Doors?

Has your search for a new car led you to the midsize sedan segment? Well, if so, we here at Sternberg Automotive Group would be quick to match you up with one of ours, the 2017 Ford Fusion Hybrid.

Wondering why we would?

It is at this point we'd like to turn things over to Autotrader commentator Jabari Jones. Watch his review of the Fusion Hybrid right here:

Shoppers who wish to enjoy the very best the Fusion Hybrid has to offer are sure to get just that with its range-topping model, the Platinum.

Standard equipment on this trim…

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Check Out the All-New 2017 Ford Super Duty!

The 2017 Ford Super Duty not only delivers best-in-class towing capabilities, torque and payload, it's also designed for supreme driving abilities and safety, making it one of the very best trucks for the modern laborer.
Down here at the dealership, one of our fastest selling vehicles is the new Super Duty, with its incredible comfort and security features, and amazing power and durability.
With a hauling capacity of 32,500 pounds, 925 pound-feet of torque and a payload of 7,630 pounds, the Super Duty is built to work -- and work harder than most every other truck on the…
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Why I Religiously Recommend Ram

Nothing beats Ram for a simple, quiet and clean pickup truck cabin. The brand has always felt it important to supply this segment with a sense of classiness and refinement.
It's not like the automaker doesn't respect the class, either. To the contrary, Ram trucks are designed with its users in mind.
This is something that many other vehicles -- and products, for that matter -- lack.
Ram recognizes that people work in their trucks and, as such, need exceptional comfort, off-road ability, storage space and ride quality. And in this realm, Ram definitely delivers the goods -- big-time.
There ...
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The Award-Winning Chrysler Pacifica Just Got More Advanced

The Chrysler Pacifica is an award-winning minivan. It has some of the most advanced technology features in its class.
The backseat touchscreens of the Uconnect infotainment interface, for instance, are among the largest in this segment. Complete with its own gaming system, Uconnect can keep the kids quiet and contented, even on longer car rides.
Plus, the Pacifica delivers comfort in spades. Available leather upholstery is an especially noteworthy option, as it provides the Pacifica with a sophisticated, upscale vibe.
There's even a built-in vacuum so you can ensure that the car ...
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The New 2017 Ford Raptor Has Arrived!

"Eat my dust!’ is what you can say to the slowpokes who are trying to keep up to your 2017 Ford Raptor. This Ford pickup is a thrilling mode of transportation. Powerful and fast, its personality is befitting of its name.

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AutoGuide: Ford's Mustang EcoBoost Fastback Premium Is a Successful Contradiction, Delivering Performance and Fuel Economy

The 2016 Ford Mustang EcoBoost Fastback Premium is a mouthful as the name for the performance-geared, environmentally-friendly version of Ford's iconic pony car. AutoGuide recently reviewed the sports coupe and suggests it can be boiled down to just two of the words: Mustang EcoBoost says it all.

640 × 480?

Ford has deployed its innovative EcoBoost engine performance technology in the Mustang via a turbocharged four-cylinder that manages an impressive 310 horsepower and 320 pound-feet of torque when properly fed a diet...

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Ford Named The Official Truck Of The NFL

Ford has become the official truck partner of the NFL. The NFL has some of the world's toughest and strongest players out on the football field. Ford, meanwhile, has created some of the world's toughest and strongest heavy duty pickup trucks for work and leisure. The partnership is a natural one. Both Ford and the NFL represent an American tradition that is built on hard work, determination and toughness.

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Ford Strives For Quieter Cabins with Industry's First Mobile Aeroacoustic Wind Tunnel

You might be wondering, what's the big deal about Ford building a portable wind tunnel? A wind tunnel, at face value, is just a couple of powerful fans -- how could this be the first time someone has built one small enough to transport?

It turns out, wind tunnels used for testing vehicle aerodynamics and cabin noise have some very specific requirements. In fact, Ford's full-sized aerodynamics labs cost around $50 million each, and are the…

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